iSoft Spain

Senior System Analyst / Senior Developer

November 2005 - May 2006

Senior System Analyst

Analysis and specification of different projects in Spain developed by the company. Specialized in .

Software Developer

Software Developer specialized in tools of (C#) and J2EE Eclipse under and databases.

Developed projects


  • Medical assistance Software for the VIC Hospital (Barcelona). Developed in C# and Microsoft™ SQL Server.
  • with the e-SIAP first-aid assistance system for SESCAM with HL7 v2.5 messages sending/receipt. Previous analysis and later development of different message types: ORM, ORU, etc. Developed in Visual Studio .NET (C#) and SQL Server.
  • Application for the Medical Centre Fundación Norte (Madrid). Developed in C sharp under SQL Server and Oracle databases.


  • Tool for the drug control and administration in La Paz University Hospital (Madrid). Entirely developed in J2EE under Oracle databases.