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Full Stack Architect

April 2019 - heute

Full Stack Architect

Using Kanban as agile methology (Kanban boards, Daily stand ups): software architect, implementation, design and development of websites in technology (.NET C#). Manager in at Microsoft Azure / DevOps.

Conducts , testing, evaluation and documentation of routine hosting/configuration tools and methodologies to ensure that tools are current and functional. Assists in creating and populating apps host/configurations matrices with appropiate strategies, timelines and cost information to increase cost efficiency and effectiveness.

Works with product development teams and senior designers to develop architectural requirements to ensure client satisfaction with product.

Assists more experienced architects in providing high-level analysis and design reviews to other department members to avoid duplication of effort in solving the same application problems with different proyects. Consultant in : best development practises, seo consultant.

Entwickelte Projekte

Microsoft Azure DevOps

  • Migration of all websites (around fifty) from IIS servers to Microsoft Azure DevOps. Preparation of the system for CI/CD in three slots: development, staging and production. Microsoft Azure Storage. Kanban boards.
  • Resolution of software issues / bugs in all websites of GUS in Umbraco (using Umbraco v4.x, v6.x and v7.x)

Auf Empfehlung von

Louise Lench

Louise Lench

I've had the pleasure of working with Jose for the past 6 months. He is an incredible Architect with a wealth of knowledge and experience behind him. A valued member of my team and a consummate professional. In addition to the technical expertise he brings he also adds value with his warm personality. Jose is extremely approachable and stakeholders love him. He is always willing to go the extra mile to get the job done and never settles for anything less than perfect (well as perfect as code can be)! I know I can trust him 100% to manage the developers in my Malaga team, he's always happy to help, assist and train the developers below him ensuring their career growth alongside his own. A great guy and a valued colleague. In Linkedin veröffentlicht